Zuchtgemeinschaft Butterflydust - Feldcundigon


Our loved Peaches got extra beauty Babies and is for her young age and "UPS" Litter a super mummy together with her loved and helping mummy friend La Donna

Click on the paw to see picture of each Baby/
Klicken Sie auf die Pfote um ein Foto von jedem Baby zu sehen!

Ki Rakuja
red-silver-tabby reserviert
Ki Mamba red-silver-tabby/white reserviert
Koko Kolea red-silver-tabby/white free
Ka Boom black/white reserviert

Baby-Pedigree, Complete inbreeding = 16,3%
Pillowtalk Prosecco, MCO es 22, 2011-12-12, DE/DE
Pillowtalk Jungle Man, MCO ds 22, 2010-04-08, DE/-
Treasure Island Ice-Man, MCO ns 09 22, 2008-09-07
CoolMotion Sweet-Temptation, MCO d 22, 2008-11-15
Elphinstone On Fire, MCO f 09 22, 2009-10-30, DE/-
CH Justcoons Peak Asso, MCO n 22, 2008-10-14, DE/-
Elphinstone Extasy, MCO d 03 22, 2008-03-24
Feldcundigon Peaches Punky,
Langstteich N'Xalvador, MCO d 09, 2008-09-09, DE/DE
Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra, MCO as, 2005-05-15, DE/DE
Xena of Shaggy Coons, MCO d 09 23
Pillowtalk Tiffany, MCO n 22, 2009-04-26, DE/DE
CoolMotion Angel-Sky, MCO n, 2007-07-31, DE/-
Pillowtalk United Colour, MCO f 22, 2005-11-24, DE/DE




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